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Hey there, I’m Karyn Paige.

Deep Thinker.

Deep Feeler.

Truth Speaker.

It’s time to change the narrative of what it means to be a WOC in a racist, capitalist, patriarchal world.

I speak to add a voice in conversations that need to amplify more WOC.

I speak to remind WOC that joy, rest and living in alignment are radical, revolutionary acts.

It’s time to talk about our visions for the future and embody those visions every day.

It’s time to build from the inside out.

Current Topics


Intergenerational Healing for WOC


Exploring decolonization for WOC


Centering Intersectionality of WOC Identities


Unpacking Internalized Ableism for WOC


Shifting from Capitalism to Values-Driven Business Practices

Event Testimonials

“I love how you speak so much truth and you have given us a lot to reflect about.
What resonated deeply is that we need to speak our values loudly. Building relationships with our community and amplifying the voice of womxn and communities of color.”

– Melo Hogan, Organizer for Tacoma Boss Ladies

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Approved Bio

Karyn Paige is someone who stands at an intersection of many identities: woman, Black, biracial, legally blind, intuitive introvert, cis het wife, 80’s pop culture wiz kid.

Raised in the California Bay Area, Karyn developed a sensibility for multiculturalism and intersectionality before she knew that those terms existed. This led her to get a degree in Speech Communications with an emphasis in Gender Studies from San Francisco State University, digging deep into social theories of race, class and gender.

Karyn is no stranger to the side hustle. Throughout her 20’s she worked in corporate offices by day and jazz clubs by night, moonlighting as a professional singer. This led Karyn to her first entrepreneurial venture, managing her own band and executive producing her recordings and music videos. In her 30’s she launched a freelance web design and branding business, working with women in the coaching industry.

Now, Karyn’s work as a speaker centers WOC who want to align all of their identities and values with entrepreneurship while also decolonizing their mindsets. Follow Karyn on Instagram @karynpaige to join her in conversations centering the experiences and vision of WOC who are moving forward to a liberated, decolonized and equitable future.

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