6 Ways to Create a Calming Home Office

Do you feel tense and stressed out in your home office?  Of course, that could have something to do with how hard your working on your business, but it could also be related to how your work space is set up.  Creating a calming home office can make you feel more excited to sit down to work every day and also less drained when you’re done.

Here are some simple changes you can make to your home office that will make you feel grounded and calm and will also make your space look more inviting and appealing.

6 Ways to Create a Calming Home Office

1. Change your lighting

The easiest way to change the mood of your home office is change your lighting scheme.  If you are using the overhead lighting that came with the room, it is definitely time to uplevel, especially if the lights are fluorescent.  

Harsh fluorescent lights can cause migraine headaches and strain your eyes, but they can also leave you feeling like you’re in a sterile, corporate environment.  

Not the reason we started working from home, right?  

That’s not to say that you should opt for dim lighting, either.  If your lights are too dim, you could risk lowered productivity and eye strain, as well.  

Try these simple tips for improving the lighting scheme in your home office:

  • Let in more natural light.  Open up the blinds or position your desk to face the window.
  • Place a desk lamp pointed at an indirect angle behind your computer screen.
  • Place floor lamps with upwards angles in the corners of the room.

2. Declutter unnecessary items

I’m a big fan of decluttering because the fewer objects I have surrounding me, the less overwhelmed I feel.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Feeling chaotic and scattered when you’re in your home office could very well be related to home much stuff is all over the place around you. ” quote=”Feeling chaotic and scattered when you’re in your home office could very well be related to home much stuff is all over the place around you. ” theme=”style1″]

Start by removing anything that doesn’t have to do with work.  This can be tricky if you’re home office is in a spare bedroom or common room in your home.  

Move anything unrelated to your business out of view. That may mean you have to turn your back to those things if they are too big to move away.

Next,  clear off your desk.  Put away anything you will not be using in that session.  You don’t have to throw things out, just put them in a cabinet or drawer.

Here are some tips for doing a quick declutter of your work space:

  • Set out only 1-2 pencils or pencils, 1 highlighter and 1 notepad.
  • Use twist-ties or velcro to keep your computer cables organized
  • Get rid of cables and switch to a wireless keyboard/mouse combo or headphones  
  • Finally go through that pile of papers on your desk.  File or recycle them.

3. Add plants or succulents

Incorporating natural elements into your home office decor can improve your mood and give you a more holistic ambiance.  An easy way to do this is by adding small succulents or house plants to your space.

Now that you’ve decluttered your desk, try placing on or two small plants where the unnecessary items used to be.  

You can also place succulents and plants near the window or on top of any cabinets or shelves you may have within view.

No worries if you don’t have a green thumb.  Succulents don’t need much watering or attention. You could even try artificial life-like plants if you want something that is literally evergreen.  

Keep it simple.  You don’t have to turn your home office into a rainforest (unless that helps!).

4. Place something beautiful and inspiring in view

When you were at your day job, I’m sure you had a picture of your loved ones on your desk or hanging from your cubicle.  Maybe you hung some wall art to make it feel more like home. The goal in those days was to make your work space feel more comfortable so you could stand to be there 40+ hours a week.

You can take a cue from your past life at your day job and do the same thing in your home office.  Anything is better than blank, plain walls. 

Always keep some visual inspiration within view of your desk.  Take those family photos and wall art from your day job and put them up in your home office.  

Or, uplevel your decor and treat yourself to something new that suits you more.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”There’s no one here telling you what kind of decor is appropriate for work or not.  This is your time to get creative! Put up the kind of wall art and photos you always wanted to have around.” quote=”There’s no one here telling you what kind of decor is appropriate for work or not.  This is your time to get creative! Put up the kind of wall art and photos you always wanted to have around.” theme=”style1″]

5. Add a few day spa elements

You may not be able to take a trip to the day spa in the middle of a stressful work day, but you can bring in some of the calming vibes from the spa with a few key elements.

Listen to relaxing music: There are plenty of playlists out there on your favorite music apps.  I personally like to listen to the Meditative Mind channel on YouTube (I can really go hard on some Tibetan bowls sounds).  

If you’re not as “woo woo” as me though, you can always listen to nature sounds.  I recommend keeping the tunes instrumental so you don’t get distracted by vocals and lyrics.

Add an aromatherapy diffuser:  When I left my day job, my coworker gave me a set of essential oils and a cool mist diffuser as a going-away present. I am not kidding when I say that the gift totally changed my life.

If you’ve ever gotten an aromatherapy treatment during a massage or pedicure, you know how powerful essential oils can be for your mood.  

To create a calming ambiance, you can use a few drops of lavender, sweet orange and frankincense in the diffuser.  As part of my own morning routine, I like to blend peppermint, tea tree and lemon.

6. Prep your office for the next day

How you end your work day will influence how you start the next one.  Before you leave your home office, make sure you tidy up first. You’ll be grateful tomorrow when the first thing you see when you walk into the space is a clutter-free environment that is waiting for you to be productive.  

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  1. Miranda says:

    I love these ideas so much! I always try to clean up my workspace when I’m done so I can come back to it like its brand new. I could probably stand to declutter and add a plant or two, though. 🙂

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