About Me

Hey there, I’m Karyn.  I’m all about helping health & wellness coaches create a stand-out, attention-grabbing online presence.  

How do I do that?

By creating a strategy for your website and how you present yourself to your target audience.

My Story

Why I work with Coaches

Being a freelance web designer is a lot like being a coach, believe it or not.

I work with clients who seek a transformation.  Women who want to bring a vision of themselves to life.

And just like a coach, it’s my job to guide you through your transformation and keep you on track so you don’t lose sight of your ultimate goal.

When I first started my journey as an online business owner, I also started a total personal transformation.  I had to make space in my life to run my business with purpose and intention.

So I started immersing myself in the content and services of health and wellness coaches.  It’s because of women like you that I’ve raised my vibration, improved my diet and created balance in both work and life.

That’s why I love working with coaches.  The work you do resonates with me on a personal level.  I want to help you expand your online presence so you can reach a larger audience.  Because the work you do makes an impact and can change lives.

Let’s make it happen!

frequently asked questions

what it’s like to work with me

do you build squarespace websites?

Nope.  I’m a WordPress girl, through and through.  However, I’m happy to help you create a strategy for your Squarespace site!

How do we communicate during the project?

I’m all about boundaries and balance.  Once we confirm our project, we’ll stay in touch with video calls and with an online project management system called Asana. 

How soon can you launch my website?

I usually book clients a month in advance.  If you’re starting from scratch, I tell my clients that it’ll take about a month to gather all of the content you need for your website (photos, copywriting, branding, etc.) Then I can usually build your site in about a month.

Do you offer graphic design, too?

While I don’t specialize in graphic design, I can create elements like a text logo, icons or social media banners if you need them. (For reference, everything on my site and portfolio are my own designs.)

Ready to create your strategy?

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