I’m a web designer who creates WordPress websites for health and wellness coaches that are professional and designed to grow a business.  

After making the decision to turn my WordPress hobby into a career two years ago, I started out on an entrepreneur’s journey that completely transformed my life.

In order for me to show up successfully every day to run my design business, I needed to make some major changes in how I lived my personal life.

I also needed to learn how to run an online business all by myself without any formal training.

So I started to develop an abundance mindset, I lost 20lbs and began practicing daily meditation and gratitude.

And I scoured the internet every day to learn as much as I could about how to create a website that would do everything it could to market an online business.

Now I’m combining my passion for web design and holistic living to create WordPress websites for health and wellness coaches.

Karyn Paige | Websites for Health and Wellness Coaches


Because I want to work with women who help other women live their best lives every day