How Your Brand Colors Represent Your Coaching Business

Having trouble deciding which brand colors to pick for your coaching business?  Here’s a simple way to narrow down your decision by using color psychology to match your brand’s personality with compatible colors.

This quick breakdown will show you how your brand colors can influence the way your ideal client feels when they encounter your brand online.

Different Shades of Brand Colors

Pastel brand colors represent soothing and gentle characteristics.  They also represent renewal and new beginnings.

Vivid brand colors that are very saturated add a lot of pop and flair.  Vivid colors represent a vibrant, energetic and bold brand.

Dark brand colors convey subtlety and sophistication.  They can also represent a grounded and mature brand.

Individual Brand Colors

  • Blue:  Stable; reliable; calm
  • Green: Tranquility; health; healing
  • Turquoise: Peace; serenity; balance
  • bold>Purple: Uplifting; inspiring; calming
  • Pink: Nurturing; understanding; insightful
  • Red: Energy; passion; action
  • Orange: Exciting; enthusiastic; warmth
  • Yellow: Fun; hope; happiness
  • Brown: Strength; resilience; security
  • Grey: Composure; stability; neutrality
  • Black: Elegance; sophistication; power
  • White: Wholeness; completion; renewal



There are so many color combinations you can try.  Consider picking a color palette that combines different shades of the same color or different colors that compliment each other.



Check out this website for beautiful (and free!) color palettes. 

Struggling to decide on which fonts to include in your brand kit?  Head over to this blog post for ideas on how to pick fonts that represent your coaching business. 

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