Below you’ll find samples of my branding designs.  I’m inspired by bold, contrasting colors and minimalism and modernism.

My designs are web-focused, which means I prioritize how a brand will look when its visual elements are featured on the internet.

I take into consideration how a brand’s colors and fonts can be used in future graphic designs like social media banners, Pinterest graphics and stationery.

However, I also pay particular attention to how my clients’ logo designs translate when printed in black-and-white only.  If it doesn’t work in B&W, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

Each brand board is designed to invoke a particular mood and personality when someone views it.  Ideally, the design should visually introduce the client’s brand to their target audience without ever saying a word.  

The Performing Voice

Voice Coaching Website Brand Board Sample | The Performing Voice

Sunsets & Scrapbooks

Lifestyle BlogBrand Board Sample | Sunsets & Scrapbooks