Promote Your Business on Instagram Without Taking Photos

Do you promote your business on Instagram?  Using social media in general as part of your online marketing strategy is essential, and Instagram is a major platform that you should be using. Instagram is a great place to connect and engage with your audience, as well as with other entrepreneurs and influencers in your niche.

Consistently posting to Instagram is essential to building your following.  You can stay relevant to your audience when they see that you are active and post on a regular basis.

When you’re just starting out, posting once a day is a good idea, but no more than three times per day. (You don’t want to bombard your followers with too much content!)  

I don’t know about you, but there’s no way I could even begin to take 30 pictures per month that were interesting enough to grab the attention of my audience, let alone tie into my branding design.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about coming up with pictures on your own.  There are plenty of ways that you can post photos to Instagram without actually taking any pictures at all.  Keep reading below for a few simple ideas.

How to Promote Your Business on Instagram Without Taking Photos

1. Use Stock Photos

Stock Photo | Ivory Mix

Stock photos are ideal for creating attention-grabbing Instagram posts.  You can find really specific photos that depict scenes and images that relate directly to your niche.

There are tons of expertly curated stock photos out there.  You don’t have to rely on your own photography skills and prop budget to create photos that relate to your business.

My favorite stock photos come from Kayla Butler of Ivory Mix,  because she creates feminine workspace scenes, which is exactly what my web design business is all about.   I use Ivory Mix’s photos for about half of all of my Instagram content.

Other stock photo companies that I’ve used are:

Remember, stock photos grab attention, but your caption is what counts.  

You don’t have to choose photos that are incredibly literal.  On the contrary. You can pick something that is quirky and unusual, which might be just the right tactic to get your audience to read the caption.  If you’ve piqued their curiosity, they’ll be eager to know what that photo has to do with you and your business.

2. Use a Quote or Graphic

Canva Quote Template

Another good way to add variety to your Instagram content is by posting a quote or some other form of graphic.

If part of your marketing strategy is motivating others and helping them overcome limiting beliefs, you can use quotes to support your messaging.  These quotes could come from you or other notable people that relate to your niche.

Graphic designs are also a strong choice, especially if you want to promote a blog post, product or service. I like to use Canva to design Instagram graphics because they have hundreds of templates that you can tweak to match your brand.

Again, use your imagination and think outside of the box.  Your quote or graphic could be taken at face value, or it could be crafted in a way that makes your audience want to read your whole caption to figure out how it relates to your business.  

3. Use Evergreen Professional Portraits

Photo by Cherry Laithang on Unsplash

Photo by Cherry Laithang on Unsplash

I recommend posting a picture of yourself at least once a week, especially when you’re just starting out and trying to gain your following.  Your audience needs to know who’s behind your business, especially if you’re running it all by yourself!

If you have the budget, consider hiring a professional photographer to do a photo shoot You may have already done this when you were gathering images for your website. If you have some photos left over, they could easily be repurposed for Instagram.

I’ve seen several established entrepreneurs who always seem to have the perfect portraits with the perfect lighting in the perfect setting.  Then I noticed that sometimes they were wearing the same clothes and posing in the same location.

A ha!  They did a photo shoot.  Brilliant!

I later mentioned this to my photographer friend Caitlyn Lunsford, who totally validated my observation.  Not only do entrepreneurs pose for well curated portraits that they can use again and again, it’s not uncommon for a group of entrepreneurs to chip in and book an Airbnb and some stylists so everyone gets their own photo shoot in one fell swoop.  

Even if you’re on a tight budget, sitting for professional portraits is a great way to gather lots of pictures that you can use on Instagram periodically so you don’t feel like you have to post in real time.

Final Thoughts

You can easily promote your business on Instagram without taking pictures yourself.  There are plenty of resources, hacks and workarounds that you can implement while still staying on brand and being authentic.


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