Below is a list of my favorite online resources for creative entrepreneurs designed to make your work life simpler, less stressful and more organized.  I love them all and use them every day. 


Blue Host*

Your website needs a domain name and a place to live on the internet.  A hosting service can provide both for you. Blue Host is known for its very competitive rates, as well as fantastic support and user-friendly platform.  It’s a one-stop shop for the nuts and bolts of domain names and hosting plans that are right for your business’s needs.


G Suite*

Your website’s email (e.g. can usually only be accessed through an app that you get from your hosting service. Google’s G Suite lets you connect any email address to the Gmail platform, which I love because it has so many user-friendly features and extensions, and it can be accessed and synced by all your devices.



Build your email list with ConvertKit and watch your audience grow.  Not only can you use ConvertKit to create email opt-ins, but you can also use it to create templates, automate email blasts and deliver free products to your subscribers.  If you’ve ever thought about creating an online course to generate passive income, ConvertKit can support that, too!


If it weren’t for Tailwind I would have no idea how to start marketing my business on Pinterest.  As a visual search engine, Pinterest is one of the best ways to reach your target audience and share your blog. Unfortunately, pinning by hand and figuring out the best times to pin can be confusing and overwhelming.  Tailwind takes out the guesswork and speeds up your marketing presence for you! 


Planoly is my favorite Instagram scheduler.  You can save drafts with captions and create hashtag lists.  When you’re ready to plan your grid, Planoly gives you a drag & drop feature to see how all of your posts will appear on your IG grid.  



Asana is a fabulous and free project management app that allows you to keep your projects organized while also allowing you to keep your clients in the loop.  Say goodbye to unwieldy email threads and precious moments spent searching for email attachments and hello to an efficient and professional system that will impress your clients.



Calendly allows you to schedule calls and meetings without the back-and-forth email dance.  It is so simple to use and it’s free to sign up.  You can customize your calendar to the hours and days of the week that you’re free, as well as how much time you need between meetings and how many meetings you want to take in a day.  There’s no more guessing game with Calendly.  


Stitch Fix*

Stitch Fix simultaneously simplified my life and stepped up my wardrobe game. If you’re anything like me, shopping is more of a time-consuming chore than a “treat yo’self” event.  With Stitch Fix, you will love receiving custom-styled items sent right to your door that you can try on at your leisure. I’m even wearing clothes from Stitch Fix in my photos on this site!

*I only recommend products and services I’ve spent my own money on and love! Some of these links are affiliate links. and i earn commissions from your purchases.


Stop guessing what should go on your web pages so you can finish your project faster.