Tailwind Tribes for Pinterest: How My Profile Grew in the First Month

When I launched my web design business in the spring of 2018, I knew that I wanted to use Pinterest as part of my social media marketing strategy.  I did not know how to get started, though. So I reached out to a Facebook Group for women in online business and asked them which tools they use for their Pinterest marketing, and Tailwind was the clear favorite.

I hadn’t heard of Tailwind before, but when I checked out the Tribes feature, I quickly signed up for a Tailwind Plus account.

Basically, joining Tailwind Tribes would allow you to get your original pins in front of hundreds of other Pinterest users who might share your pins on their own profiles.  It seemed like a great way to boost my presence on Pinterest and get my blog content in front of more people.

At the time of this article, I’ve been using Tailwind Tribes for Pinterest for 33 days, and this is how it has grown my Pinterest profile.

Tailwind Tribes for Pinterest:  How My Profile Grew in the First Month

1. My Monthly Profile Views Increased over 200x

Before I started using Tailwind Tribes, my Pinterest profile averaged 141 monthly views.  I had less than 10 boards and I wasn’t pinning on a consistent basis.

Luckily, Tailwind has a helpful Complete Your Account feature and a Smart Scheduler, so I learned that I needed to create more boards and I created an schedule to automatically pin at least 20 times per day.

By joining Tailwind Tribes for small business owners and online entrepreneurs, I was able to find so much content specific to my niche that I didn’t have to worry about filling my boards or filling all of the slots on my pinning schedule.  I also got new ideas for boards based on the content I was seeing, which was great for my profile.

After 33 days using Tailwind Tribes, my monthly viewers grew from 141 to 30,100.

2.  My Pinterest followers increased 10x

Before joining Tailwind Tribes, I had 9 followers on Pinterest, and one of them was me! After about one month of actively using Tailwind Tribes, my following has increased to 90 profiles.  

3.  Tailwind Tribemates have shared my pins over 300x

Before I joined Tailwind Tribes, I was pinning my own content manually from my website to my Pinterest boards after I published a new blog.  I would also create two different Pinterest graphics so I could repin each blog and have more pins on my profile overall.

When you sign up for Tailwind Plus, you can join up to five tribes and share up to 30 pins per month.  So I chose to share 6 pins per tribe. (You can upgrade so you can join more tribes and share more pins, but I wasn’t ready to invest in that add-on in the first month.)

One of Tailwind’s strongest assets is its incredibly robust analytics feature.  It will show you how much your pins are being reshared within each group. You can also see the overall numbers when you use the Insights tab.

Overall, my pins have been reshared by my tribe mates 322 times in 33 days.

That is incredible!  I can’t imagine I would have gotten that much activity from my pins on my own.

4.  My Pins get Re-pinned after being Shared by Tribe Mates

Tailwind’s awesome analytics also track how often your pins are being reshared after your tribe mates share your content.

In other words, once your tribe mates share your pins, Tailwind will track how many times other profiles have pinned your content because of the shares you got from your tribe mates.

After 33 days, my tribe mates shares have generated 53 repins of my content.

Final Thoughts About Tailwind Tribes

I am super glad that I joined Tailwind Tribes!  My content is more visible because my tribe mates find value in my content.  Likewise, I am also providing more value to my Pinterest followers because my tribe mates are contributing valuable content that I can easily access from within the tribe.  

Growing a business from scratch takes time, but I feel like the process is moving faster because of the edge Tailwind Tribes will give you.  

Want a Free Month of Tailwind Plus?

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*This article contains affiliate links and I may make a small commission from your purchase.


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