As small business owners, we are living in a pretty cool DIY era.  There is so much we can accomplish with the click of a mouse and the swipe of a smartphone screen.  When it comes to running a small business online, we have so many options for disruptive technology that lets us cut out the middleman. Even our small business websites can be created with simple drag-and-drop solutions.

But I gotta tell ya, one of the best things you can do as a small business owner is hire a professional to build your website.

Why’s that, you ask?

Well, simply put, most small business owners would rather be running their business instead of learning how to design and build their website.

Am I right?

Here’a thought experiment for you:

Think about the services and products you provide to your clients.  

How much time did it take you to study your craft?  Think of the expertise you’ve obtained. Think of your ability to anticipate your clients’ needs.  What skills have you learned that your clients don’t even know exist, and how you can solve your clients’ problems simply by sharing what you know?

Now, what if your client is thinking, “Oh, I’ll just figure all of that out on my own and I’m sure I’ll see the results I’m looking for.”

What would you say to that?  

Maybe, “Sure, you could do that, but if you work with me, I’ll get you the results you’re looking for without all of the extra time and effort.  I’m in the business of helping people just like you.”

Well, that’s exactly what I want to say to every small business owner who wants to build their own website.

Yes, you can do it, but if we work together, I can help you take your project to the next level. A level above something that is beautifully dragged and dropped.

Here’s how:

5 Ways My Web Design Business Can Help Your Small Business

1. Taking Out the Guesswork & Guiding You Through the Process

The biggest value my web design business can give you is peace of mind.

You’ll know that your website is built to do all of the things you need it to do, without you having to learn how to do it yourself.

At face value, a small business website is pretty simple.

 You’ve got some tech that literally gives you a homepage to send people to. You’ve got a few pages that show off your services and products.  You may even have some automated booking and payment functions.

What could be so complicated about all of that?

Well, as the old saying goes:  The devil is in the details.

When we work together, I’ll handle all of those devilish little details for you.  

There are dozens and dozens of options to choose from for all aspects of your website.  Quite honestly, it can be overwhelming and intimidating when you start to do your research.

All of a sudden you’ve found yourself at the bottom of a rabbit hole after comparing your options for hours, and you’ve got a wicked case of “analysis paralysis”.  

But I’ve already done the research.  

You don’t have to worry about which web hosting to choose or which WordPress theme to use.  You won’t have to worry about sorting through plugins or how you’re going to get your website to automatically send your freebie when someone signs up for your email list.

That’s what I’m here for.  It’s my job to have specific knowledge about how your website should operate. Even if you throw me a massive curve ball, I’ll know where to go to find the solution.  

And we’ll check in regularly throughout the entire process so we’re both clear on what’s happening.  If we hit a roadblock, I’ll take the wheel and get us past the obstacle.

Imagine how relieved you’ll feel when you don’t have to figure out all of that on your own.  

2. Building a Website That is Your Best Marketing Tool

Basically, your website needs to say, “Hey there, prospective client, you’ve come to the right place!  Take my hand and I’ll guide you exactly where you need to go to become my next dream client.”

Your website’s goal is to make everything as simple as possible for your visitors.  

You don’t want to confuse them with too many choices. Instead, you want to create a specific journey for them.

And that’s how I can help your small business.  

When I design your website, I’ll keep that customer journey in mind.  Every web page serves a purpose. 

I can always tell when a website wasn’t built with any marketing strategy in mind.  The pages have arbitrary layouts and are missing a strong invitation for the visitor to take any kind of action at all.  

When we work together, the end goal will always be client conversion, from the overall layout to the specific placement of each button and title.

3. Designing a Visual Brand That Tells Your Story

The narrative surrounding your small business is just as important as what you’re selling.  It’s a story you craft, and it should be inspired by something.

That story is your brand identity.

Your website should tell that story with visual branding elements.  Everything from your logo to the colors and fonts you use, and your photos or graphics should all illustrate your story.

Another way that my web design business can help your small business is by designing a visual brand that is cohesive and unique.

Your visual brand needs a few elements that you can use everywhere from your website to your social media profiles and stationery. 

My approach to branding is intuitive.  

It’s almost like creating subliminal messages created specifically for your target audience.  

I’ll get to know your personal style and how that connects to the story you’re telling, and then translate that into the elements that you will find on your website.

Then I’ll present you with few choices and you can give me feedback on what you like and what you don’t.  It’s a lot like working with a clothing stylist. 

When we work together on your branding, my goal is to have you say, “I love the way this looks!  You totally get me. How did you do that?”

And beyond that, my goal is to have your website visitors say, “Oh yes, I see myself in this business.  They totally get me.”

4. Creating Website Copy That Speaks Directly to Your Audience

Website copy is the secret ingredient to building a successful small business website that supports your ability to snag clients and make sales.

As it turns out, what you say on your website is just as important as how your website is designed and how it operates.

Your website copy should speak to your target audience using language that they relate to.  When they read it, your audience should feel like you’re in their head.

But a lot of small business owners get stuck trying to write their own website copy.

 Let me tell you, it sure did trip me up before I started studying writing techniques and using exercises to help me get my message across.

So that’s why I offer a copywriting service to my web design clients.  

I’ve got a system in place to help you speak to your audience in your own authentic voice.  It’s a system designed to connect you with your audience and position you as the business that they want to work with.

And once you have all of your copy in hand, your whole project is more likely to run on schedule.  No more delays because of writer’s block!

5. Providing Website Solutions as Your Business Grows in the Future

Just because one of our project comes to an end, that doesn’t mean that we have to say goodbye forever.  

Now that you’re running a growing business, you’ll have even less time to devote to your website.

You can hire me to help you maintain your website on a regular basis or update your content when you have something new to share.

As your small business grows and you start setting new goals, your website will need to support that, too.  We can always work together to add more automated tasks, courses or an online store.

It would be my pleasure to keep providing you with website solutions for your business for years to come.


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